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In 16 Ways of Looking at a Female Voter in yesterday’s New York Times Magazine, Linda Hirshman wrote about how women engage with politics. What I found particularly compelling is the idea that when a women holds office or runs for office, other women are more likely to be engaged in politics. They pay more attention, are more knowledgeable about their representatives, and vote more often.

I tend to favor Obama over Hillary, but this article gives me pause. I really like the idea of electing a president whose very presence in office is likely to help women feel empowered and engaged in politics. Even before reading this article, I’ve been wavering. I love that if Hillary gets elected, then my little monkeys will grow up associating the presidency with a female.

At the same time, I really like Obama’s style and compelling leadership, which I think is something that our country needs right now, to pull people together and get us moving in a good direction. While I think Hillary would do a great job, I’m not sure she’d be an inspiring leader in the moment. But the very fact that she’s a woman could mean that she can inspire a whole generation of women — and help a generation of young men see women differently.

So the question is – do you vote for someone who you think is good for the country right now, or do you vote for someone who will set a great example for our children, and might have more enduring impact far into the future?


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