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I’ve just gotten into the swing of posting every day or every other day. But now stuff is going on at home that is consuming the part of my brain that is typically reserved for thinking interesting thoughts. I might be slower to post for the next week or so.  This is a relatively new blog – and if you are in fact reading it please don’t give up yet! The stuff going on at home also means I’m going to have to spend a little less time on my day job, too.

It’s one of those things that usually happens with work, but is now happening at home. Just when I feel like I’ve got things ‘under control’ something goes haywire and consumes most of my energy. Suddenly, I remember that no, I can’t actually control everything.

After a day or two of self-doubt and anxiety, I realize that it’s not just me – no one can actually control everything. And these times when things go out of balance are always going to occur.  Just like there are times when I have to work more than four days a week and travel more than I’d like, there are also times when I’m really needed at home, when I can’t travel, and can’t even work full days. I’m still working on treating these occasions more like a moment when things are going out of balance and less like a sign that I should be living my life completely differently.

So instead of thinking too deeply about it, I’m going to watch Heroes and eat ice cream. I can’t think of a better cure for over-thinking.


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