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At a campaign stop in New Hampshire, Hillary broke down and was near tears as she described what is at stake for both her and for the country in this election. Hillary’s every move is, of course, being watched right now, as she appears to be about to lose the New Hampshire primary by an even greater margin as the Iowa primary. This is one of the first times she’s allowed herself to show her human side.

 I am, of course, a big believer in not segmenting parts of your life, and I believe that it is especially critical not to segment parts of your life if you want to be an inspiring, authentic leader. A great leader doesn’t distance herself from her emotions, she uses them to make herself stronger, more empathic, and more powerful. It’s been dissapointing to me that Hillary has thus far tried to distance herself from emotions to be the ‘rational’ and ‘strong’ voice that she seems to think voters are looking for.  I’m curious to see if this openness about what she really cares about, this window into who she is as a person, makes a difference on the voters in New Hampshire. And whether or not it lasts.

Of course, it could just be one more calculating move to win attention and votes, but even if it is calculated, I’ll be looking to see whether bringing more of herself and her emotion into her campaign makes a difference for Hillary. To read more about her speech and or watch the video, go to: http://www.newsweek.com/id/85609


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