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I think its a shame that the Street is dinging Apple for yesterday’s news, saying that it’s too much evolution and not enough revolution.

Even highly innovative companies like Apple don’t have the bandwidth or resources to continually be pushing the boundaries of the completely new. And there’s a lot to be said for spending time building towards the big ideas, testing incremental ideas out in the marketplace and seeing how they land before launching the big disruptive idea. I wonder if that’s what Apple is doing with some of the greener features of the MacBook Air. As Bruce Nussbaum insightfully noted, in his blog, one of the more interesting aspects of the new design is its green features. They’re also evolving AppleTV in such a way that it’s bound to attract new customers, and seeing how people use the device as its stands can only help Apple improve it’s video offerings in the future. I think people forget that it took a few years between when the iPod and iTunes were launched and when Apple became the go-to on-line music resource. And I don’t think that’ s a bad mistake.

 It also makes me think about when I need to be pushing for evolution vs. revolution in my house. We’ve recently had a lot of transitions – new nanny, big boy beds (thank you IKEA), I’m starting to travel for work more consistently, and we’re on the verge of potty training. The transition to big boy beds has been a big hit. The boys are much happier going to bed if they can get into their beds all by themselves. And instead of waking up to the sound of someone screaming, I most often wake up to the pitter patter of little feet and a pleasant announcement, from the top of the steps, that ‘I awake.’

Given how well one transition is going, the activator in me wants to really push potty training. Somehow it seems like the crib and diapers should disappear together. But the boys seem perfectly happy to sometimes use their diapers and sometimes use the potty. So maybe I need to listen to them, and let them evolve into big boys rather than pushing them into it. Thanks, Steve Jobs, for setting a good example.


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